Recommended Affiliates for Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Knowing which Affiliates will help your program can be challenging without guidance. Our list aims to provide the advice you need and is based on several experiences with multiple brands. The list is in no way exhaustive. However, it will give your program a great foundation on which to scale.

We’ve covered the majority of Affiliate types, and you’ll find a variety of options. As a result of Voucher Code and Cashback Affiliates dominating the industry, we’ve offered several alternatives. One example is Social Chain who can provide brands with an audience in the tens of millions on a cost per sale basis.

Recommend Affiliates Video

Because we want to demonstrate the variety of Affiliates brands can work with, we have a quick visual guide you can watch below.

The List

Our list of recommended Affiliates for your Affiliate Marketing Program can be found through the link below. We have also pasted the full list below.

Link –

Type Affiliate Affiliate Network Contact / URL
Generalist On Most
Voucher Global Savings Group On Most
Voucher Retailmenot On Most
Voucher Vouchercloud On Most
Voucher Slickdeals On Most
Voucher Hot UK Deals On Most
Cashback Ebates (Rakuten) Rakuten
Cashback Honey On Most
Cashback Quidco On Most
Cashback Topcashback On Most
Cashback Payback On Most
Cashback Oh My Dosh On Most
Loyalty & Reward Nectar On Most
Loyalty & Reward Perkbox On Most
Loyalty & Reward Incentive Network On Most
Loyalty & Reward Nextjump On Most
Loyalty & Reward Perk Jam On Most
Donation/Cause Easyfundraising On Most
Donation/Cause Kidstart On Most
Donation/Cause CouponCause On Most
Donation/Cause Ucapture On Most
Donation/Cause The Giving Machine On Most
PPC Wickfire On Most
PPC Revlifter On Most
CSS Lyst On Most
Display NMPI On Most
Overlay Revlifter On Most
Overlay Smarter Click On Most
Behaviour Revlifter On Most
Email Smarter Click On Most
Social Media Social Chain Media Webgains
Social Media Social Blue On Most
Virtual Mall Lyst On Most
Virtual Mall Fashiola On Most
Virtual Mall Shopstyle On Most
Virtual Mall Stylinity On Most
Press/Editorial Buzzfeed On Most
Press/Editorial Conde Nast On Most
Press/Editorial Bleacher Report On Most
Press/Editorial Business Insider On Most
Press/Editorial Skimlinks On Most
Comparison TravelSupermarket On Most
Comparison Moneysupermarket On Most
Comparison Go Compare On Most
Comparison On Most
Comparison Uswitch On Most
Lead Gen MVF Global AWIN
Lead Gen Evolution Marketing On Most
Lead Gen Beesmart On Most
App Sweatcoin On Most
App Mallzee On Most
App Wuntu AWIN
Emergency/Army ID ME On Most
Emergency/Army Bluelight Card On Most
Emergency/Army Troop Scout On Most
Student Totum On Most
Student Studentbeans On Most
Student Unidays On Most

How to use the recommendation list

  • Approach relevant Affiliates that you feel are suitable for your brand
  • Don’t spam all of the prospects with a BCC message, use a personalised communication
  • Understand that anyone of the partners can add value and you may only need to work with a few of them


This list and video should act as a starting point for building a value-adding Affiliate Marketing Program. Not every Affiliate will be relevant so, be selective and only approach suitable Affiliates. If you are looking for something else that is not on the list, get in touch through the ‘About TAMA‘ and let us know so that we can help.

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