Increase Sales Using Voucher Code Affiliates

Increase sales using Voucher Code Affiliates by following these simple and easy to apply techniques in the video below.

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Many businesses face challenges when it comes to using voucher code affiliates. 

The most common problems businesses have are:

  • Cannibalisation of sales from other paid channels
  • Loss of profit margin due to discounting
  • Affiliates listing Rouge and fake voucher codes
  • Affiliates listing 1st party codes such as email welcome codes
  • Race to the bottom and pressure to increase discounts to drive sales

In light of the above, increasing sales by using voucher codes may seem unattractive to businesses. 

Brand Equity

There is also that fact that a business that considers itself premium, luxury or up-market not wanting to diminish brand equity by working with voucher code affiliates.


The video below will address all of the challenges and show you how to use voucher codes beneficially.

Video Guide


  • Top Tips (TLDR) – 00:06 
  • Voucher Code Affiliates Explained – 01:39 
  • Rules for Creating Incremental Value – 03:30 
  • Finding & Managing Voucher Code Affiliates – 06:18 
  • Budget & Investment – 10:55 
  • Summary – 12:28

Video Breakdown

The video has a summary of how to use voucher codes incrementally. 

Next, the video explains the purpose of voucher code affiliates and why millions of consumers around the world use them every day.

Moving on the video then covers the essential rules for creating codes that increase incremental revenue and profit margin while protecting brand equity.

The last two sections deal with how to manage voucher code affiliates effectively and avoid problems such as rouge code listings.

Budget and investment in voucher code affiliate media are next, followed by the summary and a recap of the TLDR. 

In closing then, increasing sales using voucher code affiliates can be achieved if businesses use the tactics outlined in the video.

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