How To Use The AWIN Affiliate Platform

Learning How To Use The AWIN Affiliate Platform can be difficult, especially if you are on a low support service level agreement. 

Areas you may need help with include:

  • Finding affiliates for your program
  • Which of the various reports should you use on a daily basis
  • What to do to extract reports in an Excel or Google Docs format
  • Changing commission rates
  • Locating growth opportunities
  • How do you view the UTM link structure?
  • How do you validate sales?

There are many more questions and things to know about the AWIN Affiliate Platform; the above are the most common queries my clients typically have.

Help is Here

So then, to help you navigate and learn how to get the most out of AWIN, we have created the video below which you can watch and take advantage of for free!

Free Video Guide


  • Dashboard – 00:20 
  • Setting Up AWIN (Profile Page, Program Terms and Click Append Tracking) – 01:11 
  • Finding Affiliates (Finding new Affiliates) – 6:28 
  • Reporting and Performance (The 10 AWIN Affiliate Reports) – 10:00 
  • Publisher Tab Overview (Opportunities and Management of Affiliates) – 16:00 
  • Toolbox Tab Overview (Link Building, Creative and Offers) – 18:20 
  • Commission Tab Overview (Paying Affiliates and Setting Commission) – 21:48

Video Breakdown

We begin with the AWIN dashboard, which will act as the main overview of the performance and management of the program.


For new advertisers that are launching their first program, check out the section on setting up an AWIN program. This section is an excellent introduction to learning how to use AWIN for newcomers.


The next section is how to find and recruit affiliates, an essential part of scaling a program and something that may not seem obvious when using AWIN.


As a result of AWIN having several reports, the next section covers all of them and which ones you should use daily.

Technical Help

Moving on the last sections cover the technical aspects of learning how to use AWIN and will deal with managing affiliates, amending commission, setting offers and more.

If after this guide you want to improve your affiliate knowledge then check out our free book and our other guides on YouTube.

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