How to Stop Fake Affiliate Offers Affecting Customer Experience

Fake affiliate offers can threaten the customer experience and are a nuisance. In this article and video, you will learn how to solve this problem through several proven techniques.

If you can see websites on search engines promoting fake affiliate offers about your brand, then we have a solution for you. Alternatively, if you want to act in advance to mitigate fraudulent offers, then this advice will help you.

The websites engaged in this type of behaviour are usually Voucher Code affiliate websites. They make money by capturing traffic, and earning a commission for conversions; they help generate for brands who are their partners.

Fake affiliate offers arise when a Voucher Code affiliate decides to promote a brand that isn’t a partner. They find offers from emails, social media or other places and place those on site. They may also allow their community to post Voucher Codes they have used such as unique and single-use Voucher Codes.

As a result of this, the offers these affiliates promote are often fake. If they then rank highly on search engines for terms around the brand, they will attract consumers. These consumers will experience a poor user experience as when they attempt to purchase through a Voucher Code it will not work. A consequence of this is these consumers may abandon their purchase and cost the brand sales.

Solutions to Stop Fake Affiliate Offers

The video below will outline several proven and practical solutions to this problem. Any business can action these techniques to eventually prevent fake offers and protect customer experience.


  • Why some Affiliates display false offers – 00:33
  • Solutions – 1:11
  • Considerations – 3:20

Top Tips

  • Work with quality Affiliates to push those promoting false offers, off of top search rankings
  • Ask your Affiliate Network for help
  • Use PPC Affiliates to display legitimate offers above the false ones thank rank organically

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