Creating a Paid on Results Influencer Marketing Program

Paid on results Influencer Marketing removes the risk of influencer fraud and a negative return on investment. It means that influencers are paid a commission when a transaction occurs.

Working with influencers in this way is ideal. It allows any brand to work with influencers without the need for a large budget. It also stops fraudulent influencers stealing as there is no payment in advance.

Results are accountable and ad spend is a result of performance. Because of this, advertisers can achieve great results and the benefits below, by working on a paid on results basis.

Paid on Results Benefits

  • Mitigates Influencer Fraud
  • Mitigates loss on investment
  • Accountable results


There are however challenges to working with influencers in this way:

  • Brands are increasingly paying in advance to work with influencers
  • Influencer agencies gatekeep influencers behind pre-payment walls
  • Influencers agents are more common, as are demands for upfront payment

As a result of these challenges, Influencer Marketing is challenging to do on a paid on results basis.


As a result of the challenges, especially the pressure to pay in advance, we saw the need for a technique to help advertisers.

Our video below outlines the technique. It can be applied by any advertisers regardless of budget or type of product/service offered.

Video – Paid on Results Influencer Marketing


  • Overview of the Challenges – 00:30
  • The Approach – 01.08
  • Practical Example – 05:04
  • Things to be Aware of – 08:20
  • Results – 09:36

Top Tips

  • Offer a long-term commission model
  • Leverage non-monetary perks
  • Excite them about the brand
  • Support their lifestyle
  • Use tracking links

Paid on results Influencer Marketing is achievable if influencers are excited about the opportunity to work with a brand.

Always bear in mind that influencers are people. Because they are people they can be persuaded to act on favourable terms for a brand if the pitch is right.

Also, consider that influencers that want to work with a brand on a paid on results basis are more likely to be genuinely interested. As a result of this, the content they produce should be of a higher quality given it is hard to fake authentic enthusiasm.

Brands should aim to work with influencers that will use their product or service as a part of their lifestyle. Collaborations on a single post or short term basis produce a spike in interest and nothing more. Paid on results influencers that proactively promote a brand will constantly encourage consumers to purchase and engage with a brand over the long term.


The paid on results approach offers brands a cost-efficient and safe way to do influencer marketing without fear of loss on investment or fraud. While not every influencer will work on this basis, those that do are likely interested and engaged with the brand and will create quality content on a proactive basis.

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