A Free and Practical Affiliate Marketing Attribution Model

Affiliate Marketing Attribution is important helps businesses understand the value of affiliate. Once the value is understood, investment, time and people can be optimised to deliver desirable results. In this article and video, we put forward a free and easy model that any business can activate.

How it Works

This model only focuses on the Affiliate Channel and doesn’t try to assign value to all channels. This helps keep it simple while still being able to determine the value of Affiliate Marketing.

The Affiliate Marketing Attribution model in steps

Incremental Voucher Codes

  • The business uses incremental voucher codes to ensure all affiliate conversions are incremental
    • Note: More on how to do this here – https://youtu.be/WMgqim9PhkY
    • This model of Affiliate Marketing Attribution looks at the optimisation of incremental Voucher Codes. The more conversions made through incremental codes, the greater the value of Affiliate

Commercial Model

  • The business uses a mix of CPC and CPC
    • CPC to pay for consumers driven to the website
    • CPA to pay for conversions where an incremental Voucher Code is used
    • No CPA payment is made where an incremental Voucher Code isn’t used
    • The business doesn’t pay for conversions where no tangible incremental action has occurred

Test Results

  • When implemented in a test, we managed to get 90% – 95% off conversions to be made through an incremental Voucher Code. We proved the value of Affiliate while only paying a CPA for evident incremental conversions
  • Get in touch for more details about our test – elliot@theaffiliatemarketingadvisor.com

Affiliate Marketing Attribution Video

Check out the video below for a detailed explanation on the model and our thoughts on it’s wider adoption.


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